With its never-ending beaches along the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador is recognized worldwide as a top destination for water sports. Surfing isn’t an exception, and professionals as well as beginners will find their own challenge in many exotic destinations on the coast. Ecuador has hosted many international surfing competitions in resorts such a Salinas and the popular town of Montañita.

The best offshore conditions are generally early in the morning and can be experienced mostly from December to May. Water conditions are influenced by two current: the Humboldt Current (cool), coming from the Antarctic and traveling North up to the Ecuador’s coast from May through November, creates windy days and nice southern swells. El Niño (hot) brings moderate offshore winds and strong northern swells from December to April, creating the perfect conditions for great surfing in warmer waters.

Amongst the most popular places, Montañita offers not only great surfing conditions with a very strong right-hander that can reach heights from 5 to 10 feet, but also exciting entertainment all year around with its bars and handicrafts shops spread along its crowded main street.

Closer to Guayaquil, Salinas is a modern resort home to many great surfing spots, some of which have perfect conditions with offshore winds. During the high season (January to April), the city fills up with tourists as well as people from all Ecuador and becomes an entertainment center for water-sports lovers as well as partygoers.

Some 90km away from Guayaquil, Playas (real name General Villamil) offers mostly pointbreak waves, some of which can reach 6 feet in height like in Engabao. Other spots are great for tube rides on low tide, like El Pelado.

Many other destinations along the coast, from the southern city of Salinas to the northern exotic region of Esmeraldas, will satisfy all kinds of surfers, from novice to skilled ones, making your surfing adventure in Ecuador a unique experience rich in emotions and memorable moments.

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