The Ecuadorian Pacific Coast offers many great places to snorkel and discover a diverse marine life. In Machalilla National Park, located 32 kilometers offshore, the Isla de la Plata is home to species endemic to the Galapagos Islands and its marine biodiversity will amaze every enthusiastic snorkeler. Closer to the coast, the beach of Los Frailes, considered on of the most beautiful beaches on the Ecuadorian coast, offers softer snorkeling activity around the rocks of its cliffs.

An easy activity accessible to everyone, snorkeling in Ecuador is a must for every traveler eager to discover the rich marine ecosystems that have been created at the intersection of seven ocean currents and sustained with fresh waters brought by the Humboldt Current originated in the Antarctic.

The Galapagos are probably the best destination to observe and discover marine ecosystems, and although scuba diving offers a much better insight of the ocean world, snorkeling is a great way to be initiated to the marine world and have a glimpse at the beauty of this natural wonder.

Boat tour operators on the coast, as well as in the Galapagos Islands, usually provide the necessary snorkeling equipment.

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