Smart Voyager
Reduction of negative impacts on the environment.


In order to receive a certification from the SmartVoyager program, tour boats operators and hotels needs to comply with strict standards submitted by the program. We mention here some of those rules as an example. However, a full list is available at the Smart Voyager web site.

- Conservation of natural ecosystems: the tourism operation should support and promote the conservation of the environment, the protection and correct use of natural resources, and implement a sustainable management system.

- Reduction of negative impacts on the environment: the tourism operation should prevent, mitigate and compensate for the environmental damage that they cause to their surroundings.

- Risk of introduction and extraction of species and conservation of native/endemic species: the tourism operation should prevent the introduction of species in protected areas and unique and fragile ecosystems. The operation should also avoid the extraction of natural resources in tourism areas and conserve native and endemic species.

- Personnel training: all of the personnel involved with the tourism operation should receive continuous education and training in topics of sustainable tourism, the environment and social issues in accordance with the duties of each employee in order reduce the possibility of generating negative impacts.

- Integrated waste management and emissions control: the tourism operation should have a plan for the integrated management of liquid and solid waste. The plan should include reduction, reuse, recycling, treatment and adequate final disposal of the waste generated by the tourism activities. Additionally, the operation should control the gas emissions of all of the machinery associated with the operation.

- Information for the tourist: the tourism operation should inform the tourist of their environmental policy. Information concerning the environmental and cultural conservation programs that the operation supports and how the tourist can help should be provided. The operation should provide general information about local nature and culture.

- Quality control: the tourism operation should have a quality control system for all the services offered to the tourist.

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