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Certified Products


In order to receive a certification from the SmartVoyager program, tour boats operators and hotels needs to comply with strict standards submitted by the program. Here we present a list of boats and hotels in the Galápagos Islands and in main land Ecuador that have officially received a SmartVoyager certification.

Today, 15 vessels that travel through the Galápagos have been evaluated and certified as eco-friendly and socially responsible through the SmartVoyager program. All of the certified tour vessels have made tangible changes that include the use of lead-free and TBT-free paint, the implementation of waste disposal systems, the production of fresh water with a desalinization plant on board, the careful management of fuels and improved conditions for workers.

Anahi (Journey I)




Galapagos Explorer II


Mary Anne

Monserrat I


Santa Cruz

Sky Dancer

The Beagle

Tip Top II

Tip Top III

Isabela II

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