Horseback Riding

As much as the idea might sound a little overwhelming, horseback riding is actually accessible for both experienced and inexperienced riders, and offers great ways to discover Ecuador’s remote landscapes and wild scenery. From the Coast to the Andes, almost every haciendas offer this activity, always in the safest conditions. While beginners can enjoy a soft and tranquil experience, skilled riders will have the opportunity to gallop in appropriate places and feel as free as a bird.

Ecuador offers many trails within its extended countryside, and haciendas usually organize the itineraries before you go on rides. A local guide always accompanies you wherever you go, and will make sure you don’t miss the highlights of the area you are visiting. All horses are well-trained and usually know the trails you recover, making it safer and easier for beginners, as well as exciting enough for adventurous riders who are looking for some thrills. Journeys vary in time, and you can chose between different options, from hours-long rides to day-long journeys. All the equipment is provided by the hacienda; however, we recommend you to wear gloves, especially in the Andes Mountains where the combination of humidity and friction might give you blisters on your hands.

What you might enjoy the most about horseback riding is the ability to visit remote places in a short time; however, like hiking, it is a pretty physical activity and you can expect to end up your day exhausted with sore muscles, especially if you are not a regular rider. Horseback riding in the Andes is even more physical, considering the impact of altitude on your body system, and the energy you will need to keep up in a cooler and more challenging environment. However, all your efforts will be rewarded with some incredible wildlife discovery and breathtaking views of untouched landscapes.

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