Imagine yourself flying over trees and enjoying amazing views of the surrounding areas, while experiencing one of the most unique activities Ecuador has to offer. Canopy tours are a different way to discover local ecosystems, enjoying thrilling rides sliding down a cable from one side of a valley to the other.

Canopy activity can be enjoyed in each region of Ecuador. On the coast, you’ll discover the tropical forest of the Machalilla National Park and its unique ecosystem. Higher in the Andes Mountains, a combination of volcanic landscapes and arid environment offers a more challenging experience for enthusiastic adventurers in good physical shape ready for some good hikes in dry forests. Finally, in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, sliding on top of gigantic trees while listening to the sounds of the local fauna is a thrilling experience you won’t forget.

Each tour is monitored by professionally trained guides. Equipment and safety technology are always in the best conditions, making such activity an enjoyable experience for the whole family and travelers looking for a fun time in remote places.

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