Mountain Biking

With its numerous national parks, vast volcano landscapes and remote areas, the Andes Mountains are the perfect set for one of the most popular activities in Ecuador: mountain biking. Every traveler should consider a mountain biking journey in its itinerary, one of the best ways to discover Ecuador’s wildlife, its local communities and impressive mountain peaks.

Ecuador offers different levels of biking trails, from easy to challenging. While the whole family can enjoy a day of fun on smooth and shorter trails, the most adventurous riders can opt for longer, more physical tours sometimes spread over two days, reaching higher altitudes and located in more remote areas. Most trips are usually downhill, which makes it somehow more enjoyable for all riders seeking adventure and nature discovery. Travelers interested in softer mountain biking tours don’t need previous training; however, if you feel more enthusiastic about adventure to the fullest, we recommend you to be in great physical shape and ready for endurance at high level. Altitude, length and steep descents make these adrenalin-packed journeys some of the most physical you can experience, but also the most exciting ones.

Mountain biking companies we work with all offer different levels of activities, as well as all the equipment necessary for a safe ride. Mountain bikes are adapted to the terrains you plan to recover, and usually have shock absorbers and frame work strong enough to withstand the rocky and steep trails along the way. On most expeditions, a vehicle will drop you off at the departure area and pick you up at the end of the day, and will be carrying food and drinking water throughout the day, staying in touch with the bikers so that they can get help in case of emergency. Although biking tour companies have their own itineraries designed for all levels of bikers, you can always create your own journey looking into plans of cycle routes and areas you wish to visit, and coordinating them with the company itself. We recommend you however to stay on trails and back roads created by locals instead of heading to insecure areas.

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