Scenic Train Journeys

Another great way to discover Ecuador’s spectacular scenery is to ride the unique railroad tracks that spread within the rocky valleys of the Andes Mountains. Originally used by the locals as a way to travel from North to South of the Andes, this railway has now mainly become a tourist attraction, offering great views of the surrounding landscapes and some thrills when passing by the “Devil’s Nose”, culminating point of the train journey.

Trains leave from Riobamba and travel to Alausi. The journey lasts around 3-4 hours, and usually starts in the early hours of the morning. Half-way through the ride, a stop in the small town of Huigra will allow you some local handicrafts shopping, before traveling further south to your final destination. You also have the option to board in Alausi and experience the Devil’s Nose descent only; however, finding a spot on board might be challenging during peak seasons.

Such a journey is always full of surprises, and you might find yourself stuck on the tracks by a herd of sheep, which will allow you to take more unforgettable scenic pictures of local cultures and spectacular sceneries.

For this ride, remember to pack warm clothes as the weather at this altitude might change rapidly. Other than that, just sit tight and enjoy the ride!

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