Galapagos FAQs
Travel Preparation
Book your cruise as early as possible.

Travel Preparation

What is the best time of year to visit the Galapagos?
Galapagos is a sub-tropical destination. Most of the seabirds and reptiles nest year-round, so you can see courtship, mating, chicks hatching and rearing at any time of the year. The climate allows for a wonderful trip no matter what time of year you visit, but you can consult the Climate Chart to be informed about seasonal variations.

When should I make my Galapagos yacht reservation?
Although some yachts offer last-minute promotions, we recommend making your reservation as early as possible as late bookings can result in limited available options, especially during the high season.

Should I purchase travel insurance?
Yes, we thoroughly recommend taking out travel insurance before departing on your vacation.

How do I get to the Galapagos Islands?
There are two airlines - TAME and AEROGAL - that have flights from Guayaquil and Quito into Baltra Island and San Cristóbal Island, depending on where your cruise will depart from. Please refer to the Galapagos Flight Information for further details.

How do I make my Galapagos flight arrangements?
We automatically make your flight arrangements in conjunction with your cruise booking according to the best flight schedule in relation to your cruise itinerary. If you are interested in arriving to the islands early or staying after your cruise, or you would like to visit fly into or out of a different island than your cruise departs from, please let us know at the time of making your reservation, so we can book your flight accordingly.

When and how do I check-in for my Galapagos flight?
Check-in time is two hours before your flight in the national terminal. Your luggage must be checked by SICGAL (Galapagos Province Inspection and Quarantine System) for fruits, meals and plants prior to check-in.

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