Getting Ready
Starting Up
Suggested items you should bring along.

Starting Up

As you are about to become one of our Bambú-travelers, we want to be sure that you’ll arrive in the country well-prepared and fully equipped for your tailored trip. For that purpose, we regrouped a catalogue of suggested items you should bring along, so that you can fully enjoy your experience in the best conditions ever.

Your packing list will depend on your trip profile, its featured destinations and activities, and your travel style. A traveler that fits our Bambú Adventure profile will most likely need a wider range of items than a Bambú Comfort traveler. Overall, visiting Ecuador is no different than traveling in any other tropical country and insect repellent is probably what you will need the most! However, taking the time to read through our different sections will surely help you put together a shopping list before heading up to the stores and getting your suitcase ready.

In addition to this section, we offer detailed pages for each of our products. Going through our product details can answer some of the questions you may have. Our packing lists have been compiled with the help of our travelers’ feedbacks, as well as our agents’ experiences. For that reason, most of what we mention is considered as suggestive, although you should consider packing wisely to avoid any last minute discomfort, remembering that each region of Ecuador has different climates and activities to offer.

Now time to get ready!

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