Galapagos General Information
A great variety of vessels are available in the islands.

Tourist Info.

A great variety of vessels are available, ranging from simple, converted fishing boats to luxurious cruise ships and fast launches. All rely on engine power, although some also have sails. Which boat you choose depends on your budget but also on the style of trip you prefer. The smaller vessels can provide a more exclusive and adventurous experience while the larger boats may have more facilities. The large, comfortable cruise ships offer private bathrooms, bars and sun-decks and carry up to 100 passengers. The smaller boats vary greatly from fairly simple 6 passenger vessels to comfortable modern yachts and launches, carrying 12 to 16 passengers. Most crew members are Ecuadorian, and meals are usually excellent and include plenty of fresh food. Please note, however, that tour boats are not permitted to fish in Galápagos as part of the management of the islands.
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