Getting Ready
Remember to carry small change at all times.


When traveling in Ecuador, the most important rule is to carry your passport with you at all times. It is frequent to come across check points on the road or in the city, and you might get into complication if you are not carrying any official papers that can identify you.

While staying in a city, it is preferable to carry an official copy of you passport. You can get a certified one at the Embassy of your country. Remember that you will be requested an official ID when paying with credit card or withdrawing money at the bank. Post offices do require a valid ID as well in order to mail letters and packages. Keep the original documents in a separate and secure place, like your hotel safe. For more details about passport requirements and safety, read our ‘Official Documentation’ section.

We recommend you carrying three different methods of payment: traveler’s checks, credit cards and some cash. Traveling with two credit cards is always a good idea, in case one is lost or blocked for some reason. Remember also to carry small change with you for cabs, buses and street shopping. Large bills might not be accepted and getting your change back could be an issue.

General Packing List

- Passport 
- Copy of passport and credit cards
- Traveler’s checks 
- Credit Card (1 or 2)
- Backpack 
- Insect Repellent
- Sunglasses 
- Hat or cap
- Plastic bags
- Alarm Clock
- First-Aid kit
- Bottle for water refill
- Swiss Army knife
- Hand sanitizer
- Sun block
- Camera (with memory card)
- Flashlight
- Dictionary
- Travel guide
- Money belt
- Sandals/flip flops
- Sewing kit
- Binoculars
- Toiletries
- Electricity converter (outside US)

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