Preparing Your Trip
Learn about the destinations you want to visit.

Preparing Your Trip

Planning your trip is the first and probably most important part of your travel experience. The decisions you take will affect the entire trip, and for that reason it is wise to take some time to review all the possibilities, from flights options to accommodations and itineraries.

- Get informed about the country: read guidebooks, learn about the destinations you want to visit and ask direct questions to our agents. Our web site features informative pages for each destination we offer, as well as a wide section about sustainable tourism that gives you a general view of its benefits and positive impacts.

- When booking your flight, try to minimize the number of stopovers. Carbon emissions are worse during take off and landing and direct flights will have less impact on the environment than connecting flights. If you can’t avoid transfers and stopovers, you can offset the emissions caused by your flights by investing money in carbon reducing initiatives of your choice.

- Review our ‘Eco-Products’ pages and choose eco-friendly hotels, cruises and packages that support local communities and minimize impacts on ecosystems.

- Learn a few words in Spanish: It will make interactions easier and more meaningful, and is usually appreciated by the locals.

- Contact our agents for more information about our sustainable policies and responsible travel at the destination of your choice.

- Learn about the local cultures and habits of the places you want to visit, so you can treat them with respect.

- Find out about social projects and local organizations you can visit while on trip in certain areas of the country.

- Visit the web sites featured in our ‘Links’ pages for more information about sustainable tourism and eco-traveling.

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