Into The Wild
Into The Wild
Leave everything the way you found it.

In this section, we regrouped the most important recommendations you should follow during your visits of national parks to minimize your impact on ecosystems and local communities. They will help you create a greener experience in the best conditions possible.

Respect the wildlife
Avoid physical contact with animals. Do not touch, feed or tease them. They are in their natural environment, and you might scare them away or they could become aggressive. Being quiet and patient offers greater chances to see wild animals in their normal behavior than by acting disrespectfully. Observe and respect the rules given by your guide. He is experienced and knows the place best.

Protect the ecosystems
The first important rule is to always stay on the trail. Not only could you get lost, but you might destroy natural ecosystems without knowing it (by erosion or other environmental impacts). On excursions, you might often be tempted to pick up souvenirs from your surroundings. Remember that you could disrupt the natural ecological balance, and for that reason you should leave everything the way you found it.

Be more nature-sensitive in your behavior, meaning that you should avoid strong perfumes, wearing clothes of aggressive colors, playing loud music or even talking loud, or smoking cigarettes. To summarize, respect the tranquility of the place you visit and be considerate of the fauna but also of the people who are accompanying you.

Reduce waste
There is no such thing as garbage disposal during your excursions in the wilderness, and you should consider buying products with less packaging. While on treks, avoid littering, and always carry with you a bag where you can dispose of your garbage until going back to your lodge or hotel. You will also be setting an example by doing so.

Have the proper equipment
Getting ready for your day excursion in the wilderness is an important part in order to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Remember to pack a small backpack and take the necessary items for your activities. Wear natural colors (kakis and greens are the best options) and a cap or hat. Pack your binoculars, so you can observe the fauna from far without disrupting its peace. Wear comfortable shoes that won’t leave deep tracks on the natural grounds. Don’t forget your camera!

General principles
- Touch, feed or tease animals
- Litter
- Make noise and disrupt the tranquility
- Pick up things as souvenirs
- Wear strong perfumes
- Smoke
- Wear bright colors

- Wear comfortable trekking shoes
- Wear nature friendly colors, a cap or a hat
- Listen to your guide’s recommendations
- Always be alert
- Carry a bag for proper garbage disposal
- Carry binoculars
- Respect wildlife and other travelers

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