An opportunity to share your ideas and experiences.

Our Bambútravel team really hopes that after going through our ecological section, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for your future trip and enjoy it the greenest way possible. Not only can this journey be an important part of your life, it can also be an important part of someone else’s. It is the opportunity to share your ideas, your experiences, but also to learn and discover something about yourself. It is a way to improve other people’s life, and yours at the same time.

Take the time to appreciate the differences, get out of your daily box full of preconceived ideas, and let a new world change you. Not only are you creating a positive impact on local organizations, but you are helping protect your planet from getting sicker.

Remember that, with us or other travel agencies, you should always have the choice to select a responsible travel and make it an interactive journey, where you can participate in local events, and maybe even offer some of your time to help the development of local organization by doing some voluntary work.

In conclusion, remember that sustainable tourism:
- Helps minimize ecological and social impacts.
- Provides positive experience to travelers and local communities.
- Favors awareness and respect towards environmental and cultural protection.
- Helps develop financially local communities.
- Benefits conservation organizations at a local and international level.
- Reduces negative environmental impacts worldwide.
- Allows you to physically participate in local projects.
- Offers real-life experiences and unforgettable memories.

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