Bambutravel isn’t just another tour operator. For many years, our goal has been to encourage a responsible tourism that would help local economies flourish while protecting our natural resources. It’s about being environmentally, socially and culturally active and responsible.

Sustainable tourism is a collective movement, with tour operators and travelers from around the world as its main characters. It starts at home, when planning a trip, while packing a suitcase, and doesn’t stop even after returning from your trip. It involves many people and creates infinite opportunities to maximize positive developments on local communities and minimize negative impacts on local ecosystems.

Responsible travel is a chance to get involved in an authentic experience and interact with other cultures, knowing that you participate in something great for your planet and the country you visit. It’s about getting more and giving more.

Because we want our company to offer the best ecological options to our future travelers, we created a special section for the eco-products we offer in Ecuador. In addition to it, we provide you with some guidelines that will help you make your trip the greenest way possible.

Remember that sustainable tourism is accessible to anyone who wants to make a difference, and doesn’t have to be expensive. It fits all ages, interests and budgets. Our product options offer a wide range of experiences and prices, from an exotic lodge on the beach to a luxurious hotel in the city. Responsible travel doesn’t mean downgrading your journey, and you might find it more enjoyable and supportive.

Become a ‘Bambú-traveler’ now, and learn how to create the best conditions for a unique responsible travel. Start now!

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