With its extended beaches of the Pacific coast, its snow-covered peaks in the imposing Andes Mountains, its rich ecosystems of the Amazon rainforest, and its enchanting waters in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador not only offers unique destinations of cultural enlightment, but also gives travelers from around the world the opportunity to experience such destinations in thrilling and unforgettable ways.

From hiking to horseback riding, scuba diving to wave surfing, canopying to mountain biking, a journey that started as a simple cultural visit can become an active experience rich in emotions. Travelers can chose between many possibilities of all levels, and even if some of them require previous experience, Ecuador still has a lot more to offer to its most intrepid adventurers in search for thrills and action.

Galapagos crystalline waters are home to some of the most impressive ecosystems, where scuba diving becomes a magic interaction between you and the marine world. On the coast, surfing the waves, kayaking along the cliffs, or witnessing a unique whale ballet is truly an ode to nature. Climbing volcanoes in the Andes, rafting down wild rivers or mountain biking in remote landscapes will reward the most audacious travelers with the best thrills of their life. And least but not last, the mysterious jungle of the Amazon is home to the most diverse and richest fauna and flora regrouped in a single area, offering some incredible bird watching activities and wildlife exploration.

In this section, we introduce you to some of the most popular and exciting activities available in Ecuador, along with destinations we recommend in order to enjoy them to the fullest. So plan your future thrills, pack your suitcase and get ready for real adventure in the wilderness like you’ve never experienced it before!

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