Welcome to our “Traveler’s Guide” section, dedicated to our future visitors and their amazing trip to Ecuador.

In this section, we assembled important information that will help you get to know the country that you are about to visit, the safety rules to follow, as well as health advices, and most importantly, how to pack wisely depending on your future destinations.

In addition, we encourage you to read our “Eco-Travelers” section, dedicated to inform you about responsible tourism and the solutions that each traveler can adopt to promote a new and secure way of traveling, discovering and enjoying our planet without causing any harm.

Bambútravel team’s goal is to enable people to enjoy and learn about the natural, historical and cultural characteristics of unique environments while preserving the integrity of those sites and stimulating the economic development opportunities in local communities. For that reason, we want to offer our travelers the best advice and preparation for their trip.

It has become a priority to work with local communities and individuals to develop a sustainable tourism that will help local economies while minimizing those environment and cultural impacts. A successful tourism must benefit local populations economically and culturally to give them incentives to protect the natural resources which create the attraction.

Bambútravel offers you the opportunity to learn about the importance of sustainable tourism through our “Sustainable Tourism” section, which will explain you the challenges brought by an increasing tourism industry and its future. Sustainable tourism allows us to experience activities in remote areas and learn from the cultures of our world without harming natural resources and cultural identities. It allows the present generations to meet their needs without endangering future generations’ ones.

The material in the following pages has been compiled with sources from different web sites, which list appears in our “Links” section
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