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Located approximately 180 Km from Quito on the boundary of Napo and Sucumbíos provinces,
San Rafael waterfall is 160 meters high, making it one of the tallest in Ecuador.
The hike to the waterfall offers tourists a beautiful scenery of butterflies, various species of birds, and mammals. The Reventador volcano is a nearby attraction not to be missed.
Where To Stay
Hacienda Quijos


" I had a great time on Galapagos! Thanks to you guys, I found the perfect vessel for my family trip. "

Jenny Brown
Galapagos, June 2006


Featured Hotel

Located by the Anangucocha Lake, Napo Wildlife Center is part of the Yasuni National Park and the finest example of community-based ecotourism in the country. Napo Wildlife Center is the only lodge on the south bank of the Napo River, which harbors 30% more bird and animal species than the north bank.
Features / Rates
Rooms: 14
Ten huts meticulously equipped, which include one king size bed and one twin bed, private bathrooms with hot water, and secure nets for bug-free ventilation. Electricity is produced through a hybrid system of solar power and generators. A must-visit attraction is the 120 feet high (36 meters) canopy tower located only 20 minutes away from the lodge.
Bottom Line
A visit to the comfortable Napo Wildlife Center is an unforgettable experience that directly protects both the community’s reserve and the unique Yasuní National Park.