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Machalilla National Park has an extension of 55,092 hectares distributed between the continental zone
and the marine zone. It
occupies a great part of the western hydrographic system of the Chongon-Colonche mountain range which produces micro climatic changes unique to this place, without mentioning the spectacular cliffs on the coast line.
Machalilla’s dry forest is one of the most interesting forests in the world due to its high degree of endemism containing up to twenty percent of endemic species. The most famous touristic sites are the 'Isla de la Plata' and the white-sand pristine beach of 'Los Frailes'.
Where To Stay
Alandaluz Eco-lodge


" I had a great time on Galapagos! Thanks to you guys, I found the perfect vessel for my family trip. "

Jenny Brown
Galapagos, June 2006


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Located in front of a beautiful beach and enclosed by amazing gardens, Alandaluz is one of the most complete eco-tourism destinations in Ecuador.
Features / Rates
Rooms: 25
Floors: 2
The property is the largest caña guadua complex in America, regrouping restaurant, conference rooms, cabins, towers, botanical gardens, private homes and service areas within more than seven thousand square meters, using only clean source of energy and recycling systems.
Bottom Line
Alandaluz Ecolodge promotes the creation of spaces where harmony, respect for nature and community sentiment are combined.