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Arriving In Ecuador
Fill out a Tourist Information Card during your flight.

Arriving In Ecuador

What can I expect upon arriving in Ecuador?
During your flight to Ecuador, you will fill out a Tourist Information Card, and a Customs Declaration Card. These forms may be available in English; if not, your flight attendants can assist you in filling out the documents. In the Passport Control area of the airport, the immigration officer will request your passport and the Tourist Information Card. Have your flight tickets available if the officer asks for them. If asked about the purposes of the trip, tell the officials that you are on vacation. The official may also ask how long you plan to stay. A copy of the TI form will be returned to you along with your passport. Be sure to keep it in a safe place since you will be required to turn it in when you leave the country. You will then proceed to the baggage claim area to claim your checked luggage.

You may need to pay a fee (about USD2) for use of a luggage cart. Your bags may be inspected by customs, and they will request your Customs Declaration Form. Before leaving the customs area, you may be required to show that your luggage tags match those originally given to you at check-in with your boarding passes. If you do not have a transfer arranged to your hotel, take an official yellow taxi to your place of lodging.

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